Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I was recently in a short discussion with Dagon, the Elder God Representing fish sticks and road side glory holes, about thoughts versus context. This blog is all about context, if you knew me you would be aware that I can come up with some of the most bizarre thoughts and ideas and expound on them all day. But honestly those thoughts represent little that is truly me. For Example: even though I spent an entire day mapping out the radiation clouds (complete with little frowny faces) on a proposed nuking of Iran that does not mean I think we should nuke them. I simply have a form of mental ADD and my work is rarely mentally taxing.

So in an effort to provide Context, I will create my own MeMe...

1. How old are you?
2. How big is your family?
2 parents, 4 kids
3. Are your parents divorced?
Nope still married
4. What is your maximum level of schooling?
Well the world is a school right? um Jr in Microbiology, than I ran out of money and had to work for my food and stuff. Now I make more than all my microbiology friends.
5. Are you gainfully employed?
Why yes I am, i haven't had to break the law to make money in quite some time.
6.Do you like your job?
I like the freedom my job allows me but I feel heartsick when ever I go to my friends lab.
7. Are you married?
Nope quite illegal in my state!
8. Are you coupled?
Nope I'm a loser that works all the time and avoids serious relationships by only going for unattainable folk. However I am trying to change this.
9. If ethics were a scale of 1 to 10 where would you fall?
Umm what does it mean if I always pay my debts but rarely care to follow the rules? 5? 6?
10. Are you religious? IF so do you have a faith you askew to?
No to both questions, I'm pretty sure hearing voices does not make me religious, though i tend to enjoy a good spiritual philosophy in those around me. in some ways I know where I stand with them and judge them on their ability to fit religion into life. I might be a future Taoist, or possibly a recruiter for the Elder Gods. Cthulu in 2008, The Stars are Right!!
11. Describe your friendships.
Um This is tough not only because I wrote this meme and have no idea how to do this but because sometimes I'm not sure where I stand with them. I have the Core group of friends around 8 in number that i would do anything for, They all know i'm gay and have told me and acted rational about it. Than I have my work friends that I haven't really had the "talk" with because it's a work situation and i have to work with them in a professional manner. Some know and some don't but all my bosses (and I.T.) knows so that makes things easier.

12. What is your biggest disappointment?
The way my parents treat the gheys. Also the way people grow apart instead of together.

13. Biggest joy?
Traveling and also connecting with people. Not the simple ways you get to know them but actually feeling for them and being a part of their lives.

14. Biggest dream?
Cruising the galaxy in a starship. hey you said big..

15. Best place you've ever visited.
Hmm it's a toss up between the desert and the Islands. New Mexico, and Hawaii I went to Kona Island. Friggin beautiful *That's the picture at the top cause I'm having problems with margins

16. Are you close with your Siblings?
Nope, not really, They really don't understand the whole gay thing. I think they believe I'm rebelling. Like totally....sigh

17. Favorite Band?
Don't really have one, my taste varies to much to lock onto one.

18. Favorite Movie?
Again don't really have one, though I always buy a copy of Big Trouble in Little China when a new format hits but I never watch it.

19. Favorite Cartoon?
Now there you got me, I'm a sucker for cartoons! Favorite one...I'll do favorite three, Venture Brothers, SeaLab, and Cowboy Bebop

20. What would you say you do?
I sell stuff so people can make signs. I am currently bored! of it.

21. Do you dream in color or black and white.

22. What is your favorite food
umm anything with sesame seeds in it. I think I'm addicted. also Fish?

23. Okay this is as far as I got and I feel bad about not posting so I figure I'll publish what I got so far

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