Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Onward to Briton!

alrighty y'all I'm off for my spring adventures across the pond with a quick stop at NYC and the isle of Atlantis to restock on some power crystals and hobo jerky. Wish me well because, well because that's the nice thing to do.
God save the queen cause if I find Harry her grandson I'm totally making him mine.

*Note to the british, I'm sorry I was unable to find a belt buckle with suitable style to be flashing on your island. Also I refuse to wear shiny shirts.


Gaymosexual said...

OH Man, Shiny shirts are so 1990's. You will be fine. How long are you here for??

Tim said...

in London till Wednesday, than traveling to Glasgow till Friday night. The weather sure is nice, what was all that rubbish about rain : )