Monday, March 23, 2009

Black Chargers of the Night

I think I'm going to stop talking about the govt and the "troubles". It's just to easy to get worked up over something that realistically I don't have the energy to affect. That's not to say I couldn't make a difference, I just don't want to have to endure the media scrutiny, the constant search for campaign money, and the inevitable drama that being gay in this state entails.

So on to a different note. movies. Been on quite the roll lately, Saw. "Watchman" and "Twilight". Oddly enough Twilight was the better edited and directed movie regardless of the paucity of the 'message'. Watchman had good material but failed to translate that effectively into a tight script. By staying so close to the comic they left out the all important 'WHY'. Movies of this nature are suppose to tie things together but it really only left things open to more questions without the promise of a sequel. Still the premise was so good that you could forgive a lot, the character development for Rorschach was so amazing that you just wanted to keep watching him flip out one liners and killer jail bugs. The context of this I suppose is that the original premise on the comic was to use artificial threat of
alien invasion to unite the Earth. Oddly enough I had the same idea when i was 16, by giving a greater threat and goal, you could quell most rebellions with tacit population support, in an effort to prepare for a greater threat. heh, I was such an ambitious little dreamer. Alexander was my hero too...

Twilight did a good job though and I'm actually looking forward to the future installments.

Ta for now

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh look responsible journalism!

People do realize that we own AIG now right?

Gah the latest round of populist politics and journalism has made me sick. People at AIG actually working and doing the right thing, smashed in the face for continuing to work and close out a trillion dollar book of business. But no let's all jump on them for bothering to get paid!!

Grandstanding congressmen, the President himself, joe schmo's all calling the them greedy and self serving. Fuck them, have them quit, than watch the loss's balloon, your still going to have to bail them out! AIG's insurance division, backs whole governments, and they've already let it be known what they will do if they are left swinging in the wind.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To the North lie the ruins of the First ones

Business is starting to slow down, and despite my competitors lies to the the contrary, I know they are slowing down too. (vendor contacts) Inflation is already hitting our bottom line and slowly getting pushed over to the customers. Certain sectors are tightening faster than others. My paycheck is probably going to be A LOT smaller this month. Still I've done fine the last few months and that won't hurt. Still the urge to horde money is Very strong, I'm trying to resist however.
Boo's birthday is Saturday, and I have no idea what to get him, or where to take him... Ideas anyone? he's a 24 year old grad student who loves German stuff. The cake is ordered, I'm still looking for a night out hopefully with friends, if not stashing the dog at a friends and heading to a bigger city. I'd love to do a nature trip but the weather is suppose to be horrible, so I'm not sure I want to be on a mountain side during a tornado. That leaves sudden travel plans, a nice hotel, a spa trip. hmm after calling around I'm not sure about the spa trip.

Well any ideas are welcome!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Not a moment to soon!

So years after scientists have figured out how to make stem cells from just about everything, Obama rides to the rescue to unclog the stem cell research ban!
Only one problem, he attaches a provision that messes with gay people reproducing, and my future plans of galactic race spawning....grumble grumble... I bet the Chinese will let me make clones...

"President Barack Obama says human cloning is "dangerous, profoundly wrong" and has no place in society.

Obama made the comments as he was signing an executive order that will allow federal spending on embryonic stem cell research.

Some critics say the research can lead to human cloning. Obama said the government will develop strict guidelines for the research because misuse or abuse is unacceptable.

He said he would ensure that the government never opens the door to the use of cloning for human reproduction. "

The truth is simple, Obama hates clone people...

And Congress bans stem cell research again...
Does anyone read these Bills anymore?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Math exercise

646 Billion dollars divided by ten years
64.6 Billion per year
Divided by 300 million
215$ per person

tax rebate $400.00 or $7.69 a week good thru 2010
after that the every person in the US would be expected to chip in an extra $51.25 per month to pay for the Cap and trade carbon tax after they loose their "tax rebate". That is of course if every person paid their electricity. The average wage hit people will take after the rebate expires is $790.99 or $65.92

This doesn't take into account any extra tax burdens the gov't will have to add to business's or the middle class to pay for the new spending. My guess is after 2010 the average tax increase for the middle class payer will be roughly $2000 which would only raise an extra 300,000,000,000 billion per year. Which would just about pay the for the previous administrations spending habits. The current administration is convinced for not particular reason that massive debt will be the answer to massive loss. Do any of them consider that they should in fact be rewarding innovations that might bring in new revenue rather than taxing the old to death? The law of diminishing returns will eventually make the new tax burdens bring in less than needed. After that the search for money will be the name of the game.

The number today has moved to 80 billion dollars a year sorry!