Friday, November 21, 2008

Shouldn't we wait till after the inaugration? DADT

While I fully expected this, and even blogged about how I only trusted Obama to throw the gays under his bus. This rapid unfolding of stories about what he is or isn't going to do is kind of crazy. Maybe I have just forgotten what transitions are like and it's been awhile since we've had one with the past two presidents having 8 year terms and the president before that being a vice president, but how is it that people are sure which policies are or are not going to be enacted?
Give the guy a chance to get his people in place and pursue his plans. Remember we want this to be successful and we want be smooth.

However if this is true and that 2010 is the projected roll out time he would be setting himself up for a huge fight in congress as the next congressional election cycle peaks. I really hope that there is enough support to get it through congress and onto his desk WITHOUT caveats or loop holes that would make it a hollow victory. So many gays need some way of proving themselves to their families or society at large and it seems a huge waste to throw away these possible recruits or force them to hide in the closet. I know I would have enlisted if the ban had been lifted. Yes I know several gays that are in the military some out some not but I couldn't do it under the current law. I didn't want to pour my life into a career that could be snatched out from under me by any misstep or fellow soldier. Sadly in 2010 I'd be 35 to old to enlist : (


Occasionally things happen and I have no idea why. This is one of them. Mayhaps he needs to spend more time with his family? Pursue new opportunities?

Context, I always watch for signs of weakness, it's an aspect of my nature.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

On Global warming and why I don't care

Sorry I've never really worried about climate change and feel pretty confident in the belief that regardless of the earth warming or cooling we lack the ability to do anything except produce less soot. (Something I do think is important) neither the Kyoto protocol nor the science behind it was anything other than alarmist claptrap in my opinion and the powers that be that beat it's drum have done little besides enrich themselves and promote their own business schemes. Humans should always be thinking about the changing environment and trying to keep things the way they were at any one time is a dangerous ideal considering the earth is a dynamic system not static.

This interesting belief that we should stop making CO2 is just the latest twist. Judges have now ruled that CO2 is a dangerous industrial waste. Did no one mention to him that every breath we take creates CO2, and there fore we are all under the managing auspices of the EPA? that CO2 is less than .0373 percent of the actual gas in the air? yet somehow is suppose to be the main component of Global warming? Or that the more CO2 in the air the better that plants do? No all this is disregarded to flashy headlines even as the air grows colder and colder and the seasons shorter. I don't even try to argue anymore I might mention corollaries to planetary warming throughout the solar system that matched Earth's own, but than I blame that on Bush.
Think people, think....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

: / apparently I'm an asshole

Not that I don't already know this, and my close friends know this. However I suppose people I blog with don't know this. Probably because my asshole philosophy tells me to be polite except when talking about things like philosophy. So I can only apologize so much until I get to the point where I remember why I gave up on teaching, and parties and anything other than close friendships. Than I do the same thing I've done since high school, shut my mouth, go home, write my teacher (whose long dead) a letter telling him he was an asshole but right and stick my nose in a book. At least this time I have someone to cuddle with and exchange recipes. Unless he decides I'm an asshole too.
Maybe i should buy christmas presents early just in case...

I suppose for context I should explain, my philosophy only allows me to be an asshole about philosophy because it can kill people. Therefore to express emotion for it is justified. All things that are trivial or transitory must not be worried or fussed over.

I suppose, as Jimbo points out, that not changing a habit since high school would indicate a lack of personal growth as well as it should. However that habit came about as a lesson I learned about debate tactics. Basically I come from a family of very confrontational, self righteous, educated blowhards. Though socially awkward (the gay thing, and poor to boot) I was out spoken in certain classes about history and the lessons to gleen from it. Over time I was convinced by a teacher that debate convinced no one of anything and the only successful way of changing the world was through example. So I stopped being verbal and started just helping people and trying to make my section of the world a better place and for the most part that has been wildly successful. However sometimes i still wish words were enough, and the internet can bring out the worst of my old habits. So I apologize, because nothing really matters in the end except how you treat others.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I heard a debate recently that troubled me, several people I know that have learned some of the advanced arts of meditation have been trying to munch on a quote they pulled up while delving. "Better for a world to die than the unenlightened learn to read." meaning that if someone reached some form of understanding about the nature of the universe out of order they were most likely to create vicious cycles of destruction in their world that would leave it corrupted, possibly for all time.

Any opinions out there? or is this just prattle from a time of caste systems and extreme knowledge hording?

I suppose i should add in context I read CosmoDaddy's blog and was curious about the man Allister that is helping to teach him to meditate and relax.


Sorry folks I have been traveling quite a bit lately and it's draining me of extra creative energy. Eventually you get to the point where all you can do is sit in a chair and try to regain some density to your self. Still I have been a bit busy, I've seen Sex Drive, Role Model, and RockanRolla. I bought a suit, I am still happily in a relationship, I saw a production fo Rocky Horror Picture show, and I treated my friends to a meal at the Melting Pot which was a lot of fun and very good. I also recieved a book from an old blog friend as well as completing quite a bit of reading on my own.

On the down side my yard has suffered, my dog is restless, my house is unclean, my spirit feels thinned out and my work out schedule has suffered as well.

Still I got to see Tampa, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Wichita. more cities to add to the list which in time i must throw away.

Hope everyone out there is surviving the season change and keeping their spirits up!!