Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post Christmas wrapup.

Well, back from my latest trip, saw the folks and all the siblings, Their kids and spouses. Got to see my Grandma and that was awesome. She seems in much better spirits than when I saw her last. One weird thing no one bothered to ask what I was doing, or if i was seeing anyone. So since they didn't I just mentioned E like over and over. If they can't get the hint than fuck'em. I even said he had a key to the house and even that didn't provoke a response! You'd think they'd care a little : \

The gift were a bit slim this year, I did get a super cool ball clock from my sister. I've always wanted one but never shelled out the money for it.
E and I kept the gifts simple this year, I got jello shots and some time with him, he got a stocking and stuff. yes I'd like to do more for him but I really don't want to push it. Oh well his birthday isn't too far away.

I did get myself one gift, okay probably a few but the one that stands out is the first season of Freakazoid on DVD. I was at the store shopping and found out it had been released and had to snatch it up. Sweet, sweet animated madness!

All right blog readers talk to you later, hope you had a good Christmas! Now onto New Years, all I'm going to say is I'm looking for a hotel room with a jacuzzi!


Ryan said...

i have some family like that not many but a few so yeah fuck em!

happy new year!

Sarah Brodwall said...

You with a guy! I never saw that coming! I've always said that I feel so bad for my male friends because it seems like there are so few interesting women out there for them, and that the solution has to be that they hook up with other guys. I am so happy that you've found someone worthy of you.