Monday, February 25, 2008

Torchwood 2.0 is so bad

Have you ever been watching a TV show and realized that not only was it poorly written but that the characters would never last in the real world? Not only would they not last but they would never be put into positions of authority even if they were immortal and had lived for hundreds of years and should be chalk full of wisdom and salient advice? I was watching the show where Ryes the fiance of one of the Torchwood members gets clued in on their secret activities, gets recruited for a mission, does surprisingly better than his Fiancee at not botching the job and gives some really bad lines about how not knowing what she is doing is driving him crazy. However the worst lines/acting/emoting come from the horrible Captain Jack who should be shot for trying to act like Captain Kirk. Honestly if it weren't for the hope of sex scenes with Ianto Jones. Seriously I'm thinking of just fast forwarding through the episodes or watching them on "mute"
The last chance this show has for me is thenext episode with Martha Jones from the Dr Who series, and from the trailers it looks real lame. Oh why couldn't Barrowman have been a good gay actor...


Ryan said...

i never seen glad i didnt now. hey thanx 4 the comments while i was sick they meant a lot 2 me!

Tim said...

Well I'm still watching it hoping for a sex scene with one of the guys!

Well I hope your getting better, seems like you hit a low point there and scared everyone. I'm sure it's supremely frustrating to get sick like that. But try to keep your big picture in mind and remember what your living for.