Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I swear my next trip is going to be planned specifically around gay rugby....
I am going to London on May 2nd and staying for a week. It's going to be awesome and fun but some how after I planned my trip I was inundated with gay rugby dates that I am MISSING this sadly is one of them. gdamn luck! i have none!


Gaymosexual said...

I know half of the Kings Cross Steelers. Want me to see if they have an open practice planned that you can watch??

Tim said...

: ) oh hell yes! Thanks. I'll be visiting London from May 3rd thru may 10th leaving on that afternoon. If they had a practice that would be great!
So Peckham Heights ehh? What's that like, my town is like a 10th London's size I'm sure it has it's advantages.