Thursday, June 12, 2008

The trip

Okay so not that anyone reads this site, well not more than 10 people a day and who knows if they're bots looking for tasty morsels. but I guess I should record my trip across the pond for posterity sake or until I delete this blog and pretend it never existed.
I left early in the morning on the 1st of May, parking my car in the airport garage, (a move that was very lucky in hindsight), I flew directly to Newark NJ. I landed with no clue as to what to do, i kind of like to travel that way. i checked into the hotel and was not surprised to find that since i was in new jersey the whole room smelled like sweaty polish people. Luckily to my surprise the window opened and that allowed me to air out the room. I than jumped onto the tram and went to the big apple. Luckily for me the tram people were very helpful and the moment you looked lost they asked you if you needed help. Well in NJ at least those port authority people rocked!

After getting to Penn station I meandered around looking for the exit until at last I broke out, free to breath the air of the big city... It was surprisingly beautiful, the weather contributed of course, but everything was greening and there were far more dedications to plant life than I had expected. I went back below and took the subway up and out to the Metropolitan museum of art, well it takes you within a couple of blocks of it. Of course this is the pricey(er?) part of the city so the buildings were fabulous and the streets fairly clean.

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