Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"The Boy" Here after refered to as "E"

Well for those of you that are curious let me fill you all in on my amazing new boyfriend. We met July Third, dated for two weeks and than decided that the process of dating was over and we actually liked each other and were compatible enough to risk referring to ourselves as boyfriends. It's been a seriously long time for me, (crap I'm going to have to start updated some of these "abouts") and despite my fumblings I'm getting most of the right words out where they need to be. "E" is a bright spot in my head, he's super smart, seriously cute, dirty, and even manages to motivate me. But most importantly he can make me laugh, seriously bust a gut and feel alive. The fact that he cooks and has green eyes continue to make me suspicious that I will wake up and the majority of this will be a dream.
There are some issues in location he lives a fair distance away and is attending university, his career arc will gradually take him from the area in an ever expanding circuit of travel. The good aspects of that are I love to travel, and getting out of oklahoma wouldn't be the worst thing that ever happened to me.
We are of course still working on communication, sometimes I'm to literal or pig headed, and sometimes he's confusingly passive in discussions when he doesn't want to openly disagree. But as with most people I try to see the whole as features that i have to learn to tune my ear to.

Well that's as deep as I feel getting on the a blog at the moment and I'm sure He'll come up in future posts, we are planning some trips and drives and I'm sure they'll be pictures galore if things continue to work out.

Thanks for the advice from the previous comments Chwjohns, I did take it to heart after over analyzing the situation far too long. Good luck with your own project!
Thanks to the rest!

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