Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Math exercise

646 Billion dollars divided by ten years
64.6 Billion per year
Divided by 300 million
215$ per person

tax rebate $400.00 or $7.69 a week good thru 2010
after that the every person in the US would be expected to chip in an extra $51.25 per month to pay for the Cap and trade carbon tax after they loose their "tax rebate". That is of course if every person paid their electricity. The average wage hit people will take after the rebate expires is $790.99 or $65.92

This doesn't take into account any extra tax burdens the gov't will have to add to business's or the middle class to pay for the new spending. My guess is after 2010 the average tax increase for the middle class payer will be roughly $2000 which would only raise an extra 300,000,000,000 billion per year. Which would just about pay the for the previous administrations spending habits. The current administration is convinced for not particular reason that massive debt will be the answer to massive loss. Do any of them consider that they should in fact be rewarding innovations that might bring in new revenue rather than taxing the old to death? The law of diminishing returns will eventually make the new tax burdens bring in less than needed. After that the search for money will be the name of the game.

The number today has moved to 80 billion dollars a year sorry!

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