Monday, May 11, 2009

The New Old Star Trek

First of all it was a great movie, fast paced, well acted, cheesy and great graphics. I think everyone involved should be congratulated. Except JJ Abrams, after mulling it over for three days I have to say that creating an alternate universe Star Trek is a cheap way of clearing the slate and allowing his characters a shot at doing whatever. The one thing I loved about Star Trek was the history, it had a clearly delineated time line and huge blank spots where people could do anything they wanted. Remaking the crew of the Enterprise is a bunch of cheap hollywood flim flam to cover the fact that they can't think of anything new.
But this all goes back to my problem with the current string of "re-imaginings" is it so hard to come up with a new idea when an entire universe already exists and quite literally they have a galaxy to play in. What about a new ship? what about covering an aspect of the Federation that does something other than fly around and deal with the romulans? I have the same issue with the new Dr Who, an absolute great series stuck in a rut and unable to imagine new opponents, time troubles or even why all the time lords died but the daleks seemed to have come through just fine, MULTIPLE TIMES!!!

But this should not be thought of as a denouement of the current star trek movie, it's really good, everything you could ask for in a summer flick, except originality.

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