Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Turn around is fair play

Okay so I just referenced Obama getting bitch slapped by the CIA and lo' and behold suddenly the President decides it's NOT in the countries best interest to dig around in the past...
In a dramatic and high-profile reversal for his young administration, President Barack Obama is seeking to block the release of 44 photographs depicting abuse of detainees in U.S. military custody in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Justice Department had already agreed to release the photos by May 28 in response to a lawsuit, but Obama is shifting course.

“Last week, the President met with his legal team and told them that he did not feel comfortable with the release of the DOD photos because he believes their release would endanger our troops, and because he believes that the national security implications of such a release have not been fully presented to the court,” said a White House official who asked not to be named.

“At the end of that meeting, the President directed his counsel to object to the immediate release of the photos on those grounds,” the official said.

Truly funny but sadly revealing as to the presidents uncertainty. Apparently he doesn't realize that making declarations and such actually create the judicial situation that will eventually get his decision over turned. The president can't say one thing one day and another the next without causing rocking the foundations of his authority.

I wonder what the NPR staff think about this after their long news article touting the President's debates and how he had his cabinet divide up into groups and debate the pros and cons of releasing the photos. Than he weighed the options and decided to release. whoops guess that was a bad call.

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