Thursday, November 1, 2007

The totally gay meme

Via Google!

Oh btw I'm only posting pics If I get comments!!!!

1. At what age did you realize you were gay?
uh i realized it was called gay about 15 when my Mom said she would be horribly disappointed if any of her kids were gay.. suddenly I was like, "crap I like guys enough to be gay" lol but than i was like, "so that means I must be Bi!" brilliant...
for the record my first attraction was the last day of fifth grade
2. What did you do when you first came to this realization?
I said nothing and tried to act straighter, date girls, yada yada

3. Who was the first person you told?
Hmm oddly enough a guy I picked up

4. How did they react?
He shrugged and said he was Bi..Duh

5. Did you go through a period of time thinking that you were bisexual?
I covered this already... I guess i should have read ahead

6. Did you ever date/get intimate with someone of the opposite sex?
Clinton, "Define Intimate" uh I made out with lots of girls but I only ever got off with guys

7. Now that you define yourself as gay, would you date someone who is bisexual?

8. Would you ever date a drag king?
No most likely not

9. Would you date someone who was HIV positive?
not unless there was a cure

10. Have you ever seen Cher in concert?
Uh no..I did see Blink 182 does that count?

11. If there was a pill that could make you straight, would you take it? Why or why not?
Now? Just when I'm really liking myself? that would be awkward. In the begining the answer would be yes. But now I'm not sure that i care except for the difficulty in finding the gays in a crowd. But than again i live in a country where they don't kill us.

12. Is assuming that *most* gay men are whores and/or drug addicts a fair assumption to make or an unnecessary form of stereotyping?
uh that would be a stupid stereotype although many would fall into it. I'd say that gay males "could be" whores and drug users. But mostly because of loneliness.

13. Is Tom Cruise "one of you"?
I kind of hope not but kind of believe the hype

14. Do you use the words "fag" and "dyke" but then get upset when someone straight uses them?
I try not to use them because over time they hurt your own perception of self.

15. Are you sure it isn't just a phase, like Anne Heche?
LOL lesbianism and male homo lovin' is completely different. Men and Women really are very different concerning sex

16. If someone saw you walking down the street, would they know right off the bat that you are gay?
unless i was holding hands with a dude. most likely not

18. The BEST part about being gay?
hanging out with the guys, and than getting to have sex with them

19. The WORST part?
making your parents doubt themselves and cry.

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