Saturday, January 12, 2008


Okay I admit I've been a bit excited about the trailers of Cloverfield the new up coming monster movie and Jimbo here has the scoop!

It's Sin from Final Fantasy 10! Complete with parasites and kungfu tail action!

Damn I want to play Blitzball now. Okay Confession time, how many hours did you spend playing FF-X?

Okay the pictures gave you the general idea here are some viewer pics if you want the spoilers! From WWTDD

After Watching the Movie Update

I really liked this movie, the camera work was too much sometimes but the characters really did it for me. It's a mix of Blair Witch and Godzilla, but well done with good effects. It mad me laugh, it made me feel sad, it freaked me out once, what more can you ask?


Anonymous said...

hmmm, that's a pretty awesome sketch of the Cloverfield monster, but I have my doubts as to whether or not it is 100% official! still, I guess you will find out a lot sooner than I am due to the fact the UK release date of the film isn't until early February!

Ryan said...

i was wonder what it was i seen the ads on tv i cant wait 2 see it 2!

Tim said...

My plans are to see it on sunday! like a month ahead of you Stuart!!! Fly over and I'll buy your ticket to the movie, heh It's the least I can do.

Ryan, You guys catching it this weekend?