Saturday, January 19, 2008

Guilt after sex? what's that?

First of all I can't believe that their were no blitzball commentators, I'm VERY disappointed.

Secondly, and to the point of the title, do any of my readers,I SEE YOU OUT THERE, GOOGLE ANALYTICS SEES ALL BITCHES, ever feel guilty after sex? I've read many stories about people that do, and I've met a few that do but I've never understood it. To me sex is as natural as breathing and I've never had hangups about doing it with guys. I have had hangups later when i was in the closet about getting caught, but never about the act. Is it a catholic thing? I've always wanted to explore the exact feelings and see if it was a misinterpretation of the hormonal release that happens afterwards, or maybe pointed out gays that had been abused in the past. Is anyone willing to go on the record here?

sadly no this post was not inspired by current events, which have been sadly single.

Editors Note
I just wanted you to realize that this question does deal with context concerning me for those keeping score. In that it reveals a character trait about myself and the ridiculous questions you would have to endure if you were around me.

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