Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I Am, alive, feeling stuck in the middle, waiting.
So, what do i have to do to get unstuck at last?
Fucking, in church were I lost my virginity, thinking this was normal.
Lonely, for real affection, someone waiting for me, a voice.
Again, and again.

I'm just down, it's normal holiday blahs i guess. The Simpson's movie was funny, the weather was great. I broke my camera. Locked myself out of the house with the wrong set of keys. I'm a dork. My USB ports still don't work. The sun will come out tomorrow, or eventually, Puff, Puff pass.

Updated, these things look horrid in daylight


Anonymous said...

cheer up mr!

Tim said...

pfft! what a day that was! Thanks for the thoughts though. It has to get better!