Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm better already!

Yesterday was probably one of the most depressing days of the whole year for me, but really I'm not that bad most days. I just suffer from a lack of friends to wax esoteric with and regardless of how great my friends are sometimes i just want someone with me to nerd out with or hug me when i'm having a bad day. I think that's the hardest thing about living alone.
Oh well it's gym day so I'm off to workout. I'll see if I can't knock out a meme or two tomorrow I've seen some great christmas ones I want to do.

Here's my comedian crush


Stuart said...

I know how you feel. being single sucks big time, especially at this time of the year. Oh and that comedian was rubbish - his impressions of British children were crap, not all of us talk like we are from a Mary Poppins movie!

Tim said...

yes it does suck! it sucks even worse to get turned down by a short guy! !*#&!
much better now...

oddly enough my uncles boss was from England and taught me how to pick up on some of the regions by accent. With the more formal being closer to London, the cockney being west, the softer being east and the older odder being north. or something like that, breaks the ice at parties.
now be good and don't wee your knickers or I'll set George Washington on you!