Thursday, December 13, 2007

What I did on my winter vacation

So the first picture is of my back yard the second my front yard, i had an extensively wooded 1/3 of an acre. The recent ice storm broke off all the tops and probably killed most of the trees. We get ice storms here every year, that isn't unusual, what was different about this storm was the length of time that the icing lasted. Three days. Under that kind of weight every tree that still had leaves on broke in half and bare limbs snapped if they were to close together. The trees that did best had lost all their leaves already, and had branches spaced well apart from each other.

Gah the damage...if the roof is damaged and it very well might be, I can kiss my europe trip goodbye till fall at least. The amount of wood on the ground and still hanging in the air is huge. I'm depressed about the whole situation. At least I was only without power for a day, my friends were out for three days and were living with me till wednesday night. Other friends and co-workers that live further out are expecting to be out of power for one to two weeks.

I feel myself slipping into this depression, trying to sleep in later, listing task after task in my head to make them more daunting. I wish i wasn't single right now and had someone to lean one and encourage me. But at least i have friends doing it and that helps some.


ciara said...

winter brings ya down, and it's too darn cold! i could never live where it iced like that or snowed. i'm too wimpy when it comes to cold lol

Jason said...

fucking awesome, the might of nature!! I wish it snows in manchester more. I'd help u clear ur yard if i were there. love working in the cold.