Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Burning body not suspicious

As much as I liked Scotland i'm a bit worried about visiting again. Apparently finding a smoldering corpse on a golf course is not that, "suspicious". Shouldn't this be a bit weird? Maybe not that normal? Maybe the high level of drinking makes scottish blood flammable? Maybe Dr. Who type aliens are igniting people and leaving burnt corpses?


jau said...

My son is a huge BSG fan. I watched a few season at his urging and was startled that it seems so relgious (for a sci fi and secular show, after all); my son says he loathes and despises religion. Anyway, you may be on to something - maybe people react so strongly to Palin because she reminds them of Mary McConnell's gratingly smooth character. (BTW, she's not a cyborg, is she??)

Tim said...

Well in BSG the president is rumored NOT to be a cyborg, however it has not been revealed who the final model is.
Religion is funny most people will find something to cling to as an article of faith, and in a way that can become a religion. On the same note however most people are not terribly self aware either. So they can have religious views without calling them that.