Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Heros and the 3rd Season

You know I've started liking hero's again the writing is getting a little better and the Company is just evil (like the first season). I'm still pissed that Gabriel/Sylar isn't dead though his character is under going some interesting twists he's still too powerful. Plus why are they sacrificing good heroes to him in some misguided attempt to make him even more powerful?? "Hey Satan, you know what would super cool? If you also had the power to make black holes in peoples minds, why don't we give you that one too!"

Oh well I'm kind of digging Claire's mom and hoping that Mohinder turns into something ugly and does the mad scientist lament. "Man was not meant to meddle in God's plan", speech" Than I can giggle and go play with my Sloth/Armadillo half breeds.

Oh well at least I want to watch this season so that's nice.


Mathias N Oz said...

The scene where Sylar asks "what is she going to do to me?" and the bitch says "she is going to feed you." was intense.

Tim said...

Yeah and the Horned Rimed guy (what's his name?) referred to the bank as a 'buffet'