Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Reasons to Vote in November

I'm still not sure if this is a positive or a negative but all I know is that if you can't trust cyborgs to run your government who can you trust?


Charlie said...

Hilarious! But aren't the cyborgs in question kinda socialist?

Ryan Charisma said...

You can't trust anyone with the (R) after their name.

It's that simple.

Now you know.

Tim said...

@Charlie I thought of them as theocratic communist actually.

@Ryan I try not to take that view years of block voting has left us as "expected supporters" on the democratic side, and until we can get the two parties to fight for our vote none of our issues will ever make it to the floor.

Andy said...

Well, I don't know...I'm trying to think of any episode where Saul Tigh did anything (in his official capacity) that he didn't firmly believe was the right thing to do, and he's had to make some very tough calls. But he's never, ever taken the easy way.

Laura and Sarah share some similarities, though -- and how ODDLY similar those names are. She may only have been the Secretary of Education, but at least she was in the Colonial cabinet. It's not like she was the two-term mayor of some hamlet on Geminon. And, while true that she didn't really bring much with her in terms of executive experience (wasn't she schtupping the President?), she has demonstrated a keen political instinct, though she has often caved to ambition and political pressure. She has shakier moral convictions than Saul.

Tim said...

why does everyone discount her vicious race for governor? I think she is a true politician and once she got the taste for it was determined to rise to the top.
Laura in BSG was also a born politician and always portrayed as extremely aggressive when it came to matters of control and quick to learn, in that I think Sarah and Laura are identical. Personally I find Obama's and Sarah's career's almost identical. When each rose to current position and attracted national attention they were seen for what they were and pushed forward. Each of them has two years of national exposure, and neither one of them have deep friendships with people currently in power.
Heh I think your assessment of the difference between McCain and Sarah is accurate though.