Friday, September 26, 2008


My god I just can't wait to hear the "debate" tonight. Here's a quick rundown

Mac -I am true change! I was a POW

Obo- I am change I am half black

Mac- One day I will rewrite every law that evil greedy men ever wrote!

OBO- I say we have a dialog about everything and I will give everyone money and a kitten or a puppy. Your choice..

Mac- People hate me because I pissed off both parties whilst grandstanding, that's a good thing!

OBO_ I carefully made no hard choices in all my jobs so that no one could ever say I stood for, or against something. Did I mention that I'm the only democrat that can get elected because I haven't actually done anything for people to hate?? Cause my opponents all have.

Mac_ My running mate has boobs! Your running mate IS a boob. heh I said boob

OBO- I took a two week trip around the world and ignored my family in africa because they are kind of creepy. That qualifies me for ANYTHING.

Mac- I Was A POW!!!

OBO_ I organized a community but that totally sucked so I left and it's still a piece of shite

NEW REPORTERS- O my god this is the most important conversation ever. In case you couldn't understand this we will now break this into 2 second sound bites and explain why we support OBO because of BDS

and that my friends is what we are going to hear tonight.

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Jamie said...

I didn't catch this earlier. F'ing brilliant!