Thursday, November 20, 2008

On Global warming and why I don't care

Sorry I've never really worried about climate change and feel pretty confident in the belief that regardless of the earth warming or cooling we lack the ability to do anything except produce less soot. (Something I do think is important) neither the Kyoto protocol nor the science behind it was anything other than alarmist claptrap in my opinion and the powers that be that beat it's drum have done little besides enrich themselves and promote their own business schemes. Humans should always be thinking about the changing environment and trying to keep things the way they were at any one time is a dangerous ideal considering the earth is a dynamic system not static.

This interesting belief that we should stop making CO2 is just the latest twist. Judges have now ruled that CO2 is a dangerous industrial waste. Did no one mention to him that every breath we take creates CO2, and there fore we are all under the managing auspices of the EPA? that CO2 is less than .0373 percent of the actual gas in the air? yet somehow is suppose to be the main component of Global warming? Or that the more CO2 in the air the better that plants do? No all this is disregarded to flashy headlines even as the air grows colder and colder and the seasons shorter. I don't even try to argue anymore I might mention corollaries to planetary warming throughout the solar system that matched Earth's own, but than I blame that on Bush.
Think people, think....

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