Friday, November 21, 2008

Shouldn't we wait till after the inaugration? DADT

While I fully expected this, and even blogged about how I only trusted Obama to throw the gays under his bus. This rapid unfolding of stories about what he is or isn't going to do is kind of crazy. Maybe I have just forgotten what transitions are like and it's been awhile since we've had one with the past two presidents having 8 year terms and the president before that being a vice president, but how is it that people are sure which policies are or are not going to be enacted?
Give the guy a chance to get his people in place and pursue his plans. Remember we want this to be successful and we want be smooth.

However if this is true and that 2010 is the projected roll out time he would be setting himself up for a huge fight in congress as the next congressional election cycle peaks. I really hope that there is enough support to get it through congress and onto his desk WITHOUT caveats or loop holes that would make it a hollow victory. So many gays need some way of proving themselves to their families or society at large and it seems a huge waste to throw away these possible recruits or force them to hide in the closet. I know I would have enlisted if the ban had been lifted. Yes I know several gays that are in the military some out some not but I couldn't do it under the current law. I didn't want to pour my life into a career that could be snatched out from under me by any misstep or fellow soldier. Sadly in 2010 I'd be 35 to old to enlist : (

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Well said!It's something like a prose poem.