Monday, November 10, 2008


Sorry folks I have been traveling quite a bit lately and it's draining me of extra creative energy. Eventually you get to the point where all you can do is sit in a chair and try to regain some density to your self. Still I have been a bit busy, I've seen Sex Drive, Role Model, and RockanRolla. I bought a suit, I am still happily in a relationship, I saw a production fo Rocky Horror Picture show, and I treated my friends to a meal at the Melting Pot which was a lot of fun and very good. I also recieved a book from an old blog friend as well as completing quite a bit of reading on my own.

On the down side my yard has suffered, my dog is restless, my house is unclean, my spirit feels thinned out and my work out schedule has suffered as well.

Still I got to see Tampa, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Wichita. more cities to add to the list which in time i must throw away.

Hope everyone out there is surviving the season change and keeping their spirits up!!

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