Thursday, February 5, 2009

Antibiotics and two trips to the doctors

I'm still not sure i want to write about this it's kinda gross. But i suppose in some way this is all catharsis or what not.
So I worked out M,T,W, and F of last week, Saturday comes around and I'm a little sore but in a good way, or so I thought, I was definitely feeling it around the naval (I'm not going to type belly button I'm just not going to do it)which is pretty normal for me. I spend the whole day cooking and and on my feet and I'm pretty exhausted at the end of the day. I'm still a bit sore but think little of it. Sunday rolls around and I'm still sore, I start to think it's odd but wonder if my belt jammed up in my naval or something, I'm starting to keep an eye on it. I spend the night at E's and drive back in the morning. My naval region is still sore, big warning sign for me and it hurts every time I sit or stand. I'm starting to get concerned when i pull up my shirt and see that it's all red and hot to the touch. That's not normal. So after work I head to the doctors, the urgent care centers in OK, rock and despite the fact it's standing room only because of a huge amount of flu cases I'm in and out in an hour and a half and total cost with medicine was $28.50. The PA in residence has decided that it's cellulitis and entered thru my naval. gosh that's just great, it really hurts AND it's totally disgusting. The next day was the worst though, though there were no obvious wound or entry point the internal pus leaked out (this is actually a really good thing) and I had to clean it out and saline the area. for the record I totally used the little switch in your head that you have to use when it's just to much to think about. The thing has been better since than, the swellings gone down, the redness is fading, and it's only a tad painful. I'm just thankful to be on the tail end of the experience and that everything is healing properly.
My nurse friend surmises that I probably picked up the nasty at the gym and that it's just been hanging around waiting for an opportunity. I buy that and realize the many vectors that could contribute. I don't think I'll change anything in my routine just yet, though I might wash out my naval with saline from time to time out of simple fear and loathing. Washing your sheets more, trying not to reuse gym cloths. I might look into and anti bacterial laundry soap as well.

Okay there is my tale.

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