Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Okie Winds or Why I love this state some days

Had our first serious storm of the year, huge lightening a couple of tornadoes, lots of rain and some serious wind. A Chuckie cheese location had a wall collapse, so you'd think it was serious however the plant nursery that was next door had limited hail damage and lost a few plants. Lesson? Chuckie Cheese paid off their building constructor to use cheap stuff, so don't take your kids there!!

The stimulus pork pie is winding it's way through congress, even though I hear news report after news report lauding my customer base as the only safe industry, i still worry that the blow back is going to have serious repercussions on my life. first deflation, than massive inflation. sigh it's enough to make me want to move to an island and ride the whole thing out. To bad Boo wants to live some where cold.*grumble* First TurboTax Timmy wants us to believe that he had nothing to do with the first TARP, which he did, Second that his plan has nothing to do with the old plan, which it does, not only does the only parts of the "plan" that is real include sinking money into banks as their balance sheets get precariously short, but the parts that are 'new' are the same ideas that Paulson floated and just didn't have enough time to create.

For the record I think besides preventing runs on banks they should have let most of the big banks fail. Propping them up is no different than the slow and expensive disintegration of the auto industry that 'surprise' we are also supporting with no end in sight. When there is no consequence to failure, there is no need to succeed.

Ugh I know in the end we will survive it and float back to the top, I am just not looking forward to our lost decade as politicos steal while calling it necessary, all the time lining their pockets as their citizens go bankrupt. I have travel plans...

good news...hmm need to finish this off on a up note.
I have a sweet tax return, two months of commission checks and a ticket to DC with E for Valentines day. Than three days of travel in TN visiting customers and kissing babies. Things could be worse.

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