Monday, February 23, 2009

DC to TN

I flew out to DC Friday the 13th, (woot!) and got to DC without incident and early by like 4 hours. Met up with E and had dinner than hit the hay. The next day was the big collection of Memorials and monuments, The Washington monument was bigger than I remembered and the walk was further than I remembered. Lincoln's temple (it's hard to call it anything other than that) is so moving, it's beautiful and elegant, everything you would want in a memorial to a man who endured what he did. I have to admit that I find it harder to ignore the death count this time, the true number of people who perished for ideology. I guess that's the Humanist growing in me.

Than we walked over the the Smithsonian Air and Space and ogled the rockets and planes. E's big dream was getting pictures of the moon lander, which we did, and I loved the pictures of the planets from the various satellites that we sent out. After that a trip back to the hotel, (we stayed at the GWU Double Tree which was really nice and inexpensive) took a nap than headed out for sushi, a dessert and a cool book store than gay'd out at the DC Eagle. I had a bit to drink and E claims I was too handsy :-) but my defense is that we were at the DC Eagle!! We also went to JR's which I really liked but E hated, and than walked up and down their gay street but ended up back at the Eagle, which all said, was a pretty nice place.
Sunday we split up for the morning and got back at lunch, after pictures at the white house, figured out there was no way we could see Avenue Q and the theatre, and
did the Arlington tour which was always impressive, somber and beautiful. Had dinner at Bistro Francias, which was delicious and spent the rest of the evening doing ...stuff : )

Okay than the next morning I went to Tennessee, which shall be the next post.

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