Monday, February 2, 2009

Food, Food, ever where but not a bit to eat

so in an effort to feed the man friend during his final week of studying I worked Saturday and sunday to cook a week of meals and such for him. Than went up and stayed at his place Sunday. We cooked the final proteins (chicken) up there and munched on rice and freshly made hummus. his bedroom is frigid, I don't think there is any insulation in the walls so we ran a space heater and an electric blanket. Not that one would need it after he gets in bed, he's pretty warm blooded and sweats in even cold temps. So lets see this weekend I made

Seafood Salad
A huge batch of Tabouli
Baked Fish Putanesca
Red Dal with Chilies
sauted peppers with onions (side dish for the Chicken)
Hummus and rice
Peeled and cleaned two grapefruits
Cleaned grapes
portioned out Crackers

Hopefully this will keep E feed and healthy and cut back on his midnight fast food runs which I think is contributing to some fatigue and general malaise.

Also watched most of the original "Kindred" series on the Chiller network sunday while cooking. You know for all it's weakness it wasn't totally a waste. I think properly handled it could have had a better life span but I don't think network TV was the best way forward. Trying to explain about Vampire clans and why they only burst into flame when their blood points went low was just too much for the Fox writers.


Ryan said...

im not sure about all that fish eww yuck!

hey thanks for the comments on the passing of my grandma it meant the world to me.


Tim said...

Hey Ryan, hugs, it's the nature of things.

Are you trying to say your a swimmer that doesn't eat fish? what's wrong with you?? It's easily my favorite meat. followed by bacon of course.

sonicfrog said...

Mmmmmmmm, Bacon!!!!

Sorry. Every time someone mentions the magic word "Bacon", I just HAVE to share this.

Tim said...

Dear Senor Sonicfrog,
After reviewing your Patent Application for "Hover Bacon" the committee would like to formally thank you for the clever marketing scheme. However, as we attempted to duplicate said product we found that the Chinchilla did not add 'hover' abilities to the bacon and two of the review board members contracted salmonella poisoning from the animal droppings.

Better luck next time!

dan said...

man, talk about good food, I'm hoping to get out to 1492 and eat out tonight if it's still open. later

Tim said...

hmm i wasn't very impressed the one time i went, it tasted good but was ridiculously overpriced. Have you tried the little restaurant on 16th st just down from there? If your looking for more 'authentic' that's a great place. I've been eating at work the last few days (some of the food was for me : )
If you haven't tried it out let me know and I'll take ya there!