Monday, January 5, 2009

January gym crowds

While trying not to be snobbish, I recently had to direct two men to the locker room in my gym, this despite the fact that the doors were clearly marked with signs over top. The gym was of course crowded. The only upside to the whole thing is that there is at least a bit more eye candy to look at while waiting for equipment.

So far so good, E is busy with school stuff but we had a nice date Friday night, I admit we have failed to do "date nights" as often as we should. Something I will try to remedy. OKC has some nice places to visit, though apparently they have decided to charge 25% tax? Either that or the bar phased in a tip and thought I shouldn't notice.

I am still hoping to take a spring holiday, I would love to (and expect to) go with E but his graduation schedule has been moving around a lot. I don't want to put any pressure on him over it though, students don't make a ton of money. Maybe he will have to apply for jobs and they will fly him around the world and I can tag along?? Well I can dream can't I?

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