Thursday, January 8, 2009

Spirituality or why it's not what you think

hmm looking over the last few months of posts one might think that i am a spiritual person, or believe some hokey new age mysticism.

This is not the case.

Context: Despite my use of the word 'spirit', I am at most a Taoist,and at least an atheist. As a humanist, I believe that religion should never hinder or retard growth or exploration. I am not a christian, satanist, or someone who cares to define morality by any scripture. When I use the word spirit I am referring to that inner sense of oneself that can be happy or sad, that is something more than chemical response and can be manipulated through meditation. As I recently wrote elsewhere, "Maybe to those who see the church as a path to enlightenment it is. However I see it as a philosophical dead end that while maintaining spiritual warmth, fails to explore the cold world and universe beyond and come to terms with the need to dramatically expand the scope of our ambitions." I think that pretty much sums it up.


Ryan said...

sure gives one a reason 2 think!

have a good weekend!

Tim said...

u to, hope what ever was bugging you is on it's way out.