Thursday, January 22, 2009

things I need to do

-get a new garage door opener
-more memes
-Find a way to do more with the manfriend
-start really planning out a vacation, one that stirs the soul yet comes with drinks included.
-apologize to would of course be easier if he told me what for.
-destroy at least two up and coming galactic powers before they discover the secret of the "Stolen Suns."
-eat more veggies and pure protein
-visit more relatives before they die
-hang my "new" front door
-find at least two new friends this year.
-take back my back yard.
-hang more art that i bought
-Find a way to do more with the manfriend
-read more technical manuals
-go camping and fishing
-stay tanned
-learn a language so E doesn't stare at me disapprovingly when we go out.
-make love on a heart shaped bed while holding a fish in one hand and an apple in the other. (helps insure a male baby!)
-consider property in a secluded location.

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